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Must-Own Landscaping Tools


Landscaping is definitely a laborious task to do. If you intended to manage your outdoors and give it a perfect look then it is good to collect a few essential landscaping tools first. You may find a big list of landscaping tools at several sources but here we are talking about a few must-have tools only. These tools alone are a good start for most common yard projects:

Below we have included top 6 must own tools for landscaping:

  1. Edger:

This is one of the most commonly used landscaping tools that are available with manual operations and automatic features too. It helps property owners to separate the area between adjacent surfaces and the lawn. Edger also helps to maintain spacing between flower beds and trees. You can avail three types of edgers in the market, the first one is the gas type, the second option is an electric unit and third is operated by foot.

  1. Wheelbarrow:

The wheelbarrow is generally made up of plastic or metal and it works like a hay, plant or soil mover. This tool is usually designed with two handles and one wheel; the two handles assist in easy steering and balancing whereas few tools may also have two wheels that make them highly stable.

  1. Lawn Mower:

Indeed, a lawn mower is the most important tool for every landscaping project. It can be gas powered, battery operated, electric or manual as well. You may find them hand propelled, self-propelled, ridden or even pushed type. If you own an average yard then the best option if to buy a 21-inch mower and preferably try to buy a gas powered. Those who have a ΒΌ acre yard or bigger may find riding mower best choice for their needs as it can help them to save more time and will require less power for movement.

  1. Shears:

The market is loaded with wide range of hand held type landscaping tools that can assist owners in trimming and cutting needs. If you have planted small roses then small bypass shears will suit best to your needs whereas, for boxwoods, the hedge shears are the best choice. In case if your garden is full of tiny tree limbs then looping shears are the best choice for your needs.

  1. Chainsaw:

You can prefer to buy electric or gas saws in this category. This tool used to have sharp teeth that make a move on the chain and ensure cutting of trees, big branches, tree limbs or small wooden pieces. Note that, it is essential to spend some time on practicing the right way to use this tool so that it can ensure best results.

  1. Rakes:

Everyone loves to have these long handed tools at their home as it can help them to spread, dig and gather with ease. Prefer to pick a metal toothed rake for your landscaping project as it can easily spread mulch, do separate between soil and rock; it can also assist to move dirt from the space.