How to Choose the Right Saw to Use

power saw

A repairman is only as good as his tools. You have to use the right tools for the best results during a DIY home repair or upgrade. A common tool for many home repair projects is a saw. The question is, what saw is the best saw for each type of project?

There are many types of saws to use to complete a project. Here is information on how to choose which saw to use for a particular project in your home:

#1. Hand Saw

A hand saw is probably the most common type of saw used for basic repair projects or home updates and builds. This type of saw is perfect for smaller repairs and is extremely versatile due to its small shape and sturdy handle.

#2. Miter Box

A miter box saw offers a more precise cut than a hand saw. This is also a smaller, handheld tool. It features a straight, thin blade to saw through standard cuts of wood.

#3. Hack Saw

The hack saw is another popular handheld saw. The saw is extremely durable and it is the best choice for cutting through metal, whereas the previous two saws should only be reserved for cutting wood or you could damage the saw in the process.

#4. Coping Saw

This saw features a similar shape as a miter box saw. It also offers a precise cut and is the recommended saw for more intricate cuts for wood molding.

#5. Drywall Saw

A drywall saw doesn’t look much different than a serrated kitchen knife or steak knife. This small saw should be reserved for cutting smaller, precise holes through drywall. Do not use this saw on wood or metal.

#6. Circular Saw

This is the first power saw in the list. The circular saw is easy-to-use and very versatile. A circular saw provides rip and cross cuts across standard wood boards and materials.

#7. Miter Saw

Don’t confuse this saw with the miter box. The names are similar, but the miter saw is a power saw that provides accurate angles and straight short cuts across wood boards and materials.

#8. Table Saw

This is the first saw that is not handheld. A table saw sits flat on a table or flat surface. This power saw provides a rip cut for larger materials and wood.

#9. Jigsaw

This handheld power saw is able to provide curved cuts and complex shapes for intricate designs and cuts in wood.

#10. Oscillating Saw

An oscillating saw is a small, straight saw used to remove grout from tiles and stone and to cut through drywall.

These are the 10 most common saws for most home repair projects. The other important consideration is what is the best blade and the correct size blade for the project.

You can see, there are several choices when it comes to choosing the perfect type of handheld saw or power saw for your home repair project.

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