How to Hang a Heavy Mirror

hanging mirror

Homeowners will need to hang several picture frames and mirrors in their home. There are some frames and mirrors that won’t require much more than a single nail but other frames and mirrors are much heavier and require a little more to hang them. Read our blog below for the best way to hang and display heavier mirror.

Let’s explain how to hang a heavy mirror in your home:

To hang a heavy mirror on drywall you first need to know the weight of the mirror. The specific weight is important because it will help determine what type of screw or nail to use to hang the mirror. Each screw type has its own maximum weight limitations.

You can weight the mirror by simply resting it on top of your bathroom scale.

Once you determine the weight of the mirror you can go to the hardware store and purchase the correct hook type. We recommend you purchase two of them for better stabilization of the mirror on the wall.

Now return home and find the spot on the wall you want the top of the mirror to be. Mark that spot with a pen or pencil.

Now find the wire on the back of the mirror and measure from the top of the mirror down to where the hanging wire is on the back of the frame. You should use a piece of scrap wood to push up beneath the frame to replicate how the wire will sit on the two hooks.

Take those measurements and measure down from the pencil mark on the wall to wear the screws will sit. Then use the scrap piece of wood and a balance to determine the correct horizontal placement. Now measure an equal distance horizontally for where to hammer each of the two hooks into the wall.

Place each hook onto the drywall and hammer it in.

Find someone else in your home or a neighbor to help lift the mirror onto the two hooks. Center the mirror for balance. Once the mirror looks correct on the wall the project is complete.

This is a home improvement you won’t need a professional for and it will improve the style of your home!